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  • Kate Ramsay’s A hell of a lot of glass not only smashes the illusion of an equal playing field in today’s Australian workplace, but does this in a highly constructive and readable way.
  • What sets it apart from other books on this subject is the fresh approach: it combines solid research with sometimes disturbing interviews, but always offers hope.
  • This is an important book that needed to be written. It taps into the momentum of #MeToo, the March4Justice and the teal independents, as well as recent legislative changes impacting employers.
  • Kate Ramsay said she wrote the book after decades of coaching women made her realise the glass ceiling is not only still there but that there’s also a hell of a lot of other glass impeding women’s progress; such as the glass cliff and the glass labyrinth, and even double glazing for women of colour, women with a disability and women from the LGBTQI+ communities.
  • A hell of a lot of glass is a book that employers should read and employees will relate to. Women will love it but it’s not just a book for women.